Welcome to Coutlée Law - Health & Elder Law Planning
Coutlée Law - Health & Elder Law Planning
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Welcome to Coutlée Law - Health & Elder Law Planning

 At Coutlée Law, we are proud to offer our Health & Elder Law Planning (HELP) services. We assist individuals and families with formalizing their wishes and instructions for their financial and health care needs during times of illness and disability as well as distribution of their assets and possessions following death. By planning, you can provide yourself peace of mind while you are well and avoid tension and/or fighting among your family when you are ill or after you have passed. Everyone needs some level of planning regardless of age, health or wealth. 

No one wants to be placed in the stressful situation of having the responsibility to make decisions for another person without any guidance as to how those decisions should be made. We can even assist people in obtaining and providing the necessary care to remain at home as long as possible without facing financial ruin. Most everyone will face expenses associated with long-term care at some point in their lives. Planning ahead allows you the opportunity to protect the assets and legacy you have spent your life building.

Our goal is to prevent you and your loved ones from experiencing the uncertainty, fear, stress and overwhelm created when a person fails to legally document their wishes. Don't leave your family a burden, leave them a plan.





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